Why Shower Before Swimming?

Why shower before swimming? Doesn’t the chlorine sanitize the water? Doesn’t the filter and vacuum remove large particles? Yes, but…

The filter can only remove so much material before it’s saturated.

Once saturated, the filter is no longer effective and water quality suffers. This results in cloudy water even if the water is properly balanced and sanitized.

To clean the filter media, the filter must be backwashed while the pool is closed. The more contaminants, the more frequent backwashing is required. Certain contaminants, especially sunscreen, body oils, and cosmetic products, can quickly accumulate inside the filter and rapidly reduce the effectiveness of the filtration system. In extreme cases where too many contaminants are introduced, the pool must be closed during regular operation for backwashing.

Disinfectants lead to disinfectant byproducts.

A properly chlorinated or brominated pool does not have an odor, however, once that sanitizer has done its job interacting with contaminants, the resulting byproducts (chloramines or bromamines) do have an odor and can cause significant irritation to users. The more contaminants in the pool, the more disinfectant byproducts are created.

Environmental impacts.

Fewer contaminants result in fewer chemicals used and fewer backwash cycles. Each backwash cycle takes hundreds of gallons of water, so reducing the frequency can save thousands of gallons over the course of a month. Additionally, fewer chemicals are needed when users shower before swimming, which is beneficial for the environment, users of the pool, and the safety of operators who work with large quantities of these chemicals!

What difference does showering make?

We all have contaminants on our skin; sweat, oils, lotions, cosmetic products, and more. By rinsing off contaminants in the shower before swimming, you’re leaving more disinfectant available to clean the pool, thereby limiting the byproducts that cause significant irritation. You’ll also be helping to keep the filter media cleaner, which in turn will improve the clarity of the water!

Rory Grigull | Director of Facilities





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