Tips for Back to School with Sports

Adapt your sleep and eating schedule appropriately

Adequate rest is key and getting back into the groove of school requires switching the internal clock (especially for those night owls!) to the new norm. Go to bed a few minutes earlier each night until you find a routine that allows for 8+ hours of sleep each night.

No longer are those summer hours, make sure to change your eating patterns for breakfast before school. Plan what you’re going to eat the night before and prep as much as possible, so you don’t skip the needed nutrients to jump start your system.

Manage your time appropriately

Time management is key, especially when it comes to school and sports. It’s important to prioritize what are the most important tasks of the day and to accomplish them in a timely manner. Kids need parental guidance on how to push that reset button when school starts. Homework is key to success in school, and in most cases, grades need to be kept in check to participate in extracurricular activities. Procrastination is an ever-present factor that needs to be paid special attention and may need parental guidance- manage time with a schedule and goals each week.

Encourage and support the process

In sports and school, encouraging your children to give their all will help lead to desired results. Sometimes too much focus is put on results. The process, effort, and character are just as important. Remember to encourage the entire journey. Be supportive in their challenges and help them understand if they do their best, then results will come. Not every test is going to be an A+ and not every athletic endeavor leads to a championship. It’s the effort they put in that develops stronger character.

Andrey Trinidad | Program Operations Manager

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