Consistent Swimming Lessons – Even After Summer is Over

The Importance of Consistent Swimming Lessons – Even After Summer is Over

Parents recognize learning to swim is an important life skill for their kiddos at all ages. However, many parents only enroll their children in swimming lessons during the summer months, when the weather is warm and there are plenty of opportunities to swim. Did you know that it’s actually more beneficial to attend swimming lessons year-round?

Here are a few reasons why consistently attending swimming lessons is important:

  • It helps children retain their skills. When children only swim during the summer, they often lose the skills they learned by the time the next summer rolls around. But if they continue to take lessons year-round, they’re more likely to retain their skills and progress to the next level.
  • It helps children build confidence. The more children swim, the more confident they’ll become in the water. This confidence will not only help them enjoy swimming more, but it will also make them safer in the water.
  • It helps children stay active. Swimming is a great way to stay active, and it’s a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints. So, if you’re looking for a way to help your child stay active year-round, swimming is a great option.
  • It can help children learn other important skills. Swimming lessons can also help children learn other important skills, such as teamwork, cooperation, and following directions. These skills can be beneficial in both school and life.

If you’re considering enrolling (or withdrawing!) your child in swimming lessons, we encourage you to consider year-round lessons. Not only will your child benefit from consistent practice, but they’ll also have more fun and be safer in the water.

Jaecie Montgomery | Program Operations Manager

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