Why is Summer Swim Team Important?

Summer swim team is where most kids fall in love with the sport of swimming. It’s a short season (around eight weeks) and focuses on fun first while building a foundation of their skills. This article explores the various reasons, encompassing physical, social, and developmental benefits. Here are some key reasons:

Physical Benefit

Skill Development | Swimming is a great body awareness sport and joining a swim team helps children develop swimming techniques and safety skills that can be beneficial throughout their lives.

Social Benefits

Teamwork and Collaboration | Being a part of a summer swim team teaches the importance of working with your lane mates (deciding who is going first, going five seconds apart), holding yourself and others accountable (doing the correct amount of yardage.).

Friendship and Community | Lifelong friends can be made on those early summer mornings and swimming with a group every day can provide a feeling of belonging and a place for social development.

Family and Fun

Summer Activity | Because summer swim team takes place when schools are off and provides a structured and fun activity for all ages during the summer months to help them stay engaged and active.

Family Engagement | Swim meets and team events often involve family (parents and siblings) participation, including inter-squad meets, pancake breakfasts, and team barbeques.

Overall, a summer swim team offers a well-rounded experience for all ages that supports physical health, social development, and personal growth, making it a great experience for children summer after summer.

Joselyn Auxer | Swim Team Business Manager

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