Cade Bains

From Monument in north Colorado Springs, Coach Cade comes from a large family of swimmers. He started swimming when he was 8 years old.  Throughout his swimming career he made several All-Area and All-State teams, competed at 5 Sectional Championship meets, and qualified for Junior Nationals by his senior year of high school. His swimming career continued at Lindenwood University, a Division II school in St. Charles, Missouri, where he specialized in the 200/400IM. When in Missouri, he volunteered for the Disabled Athletes Sports Association (DASA) for several semesters teaching young people with various disabilities how to swim. Since leaving college and moving back to his home state of Colorado, Cade has coached for several teams across the front range, including VillaSport Athletic Club, helping the team grow from 12 swimmers to over 30 in a span of 6 months. Cade grew up swimming for the Woodmoor Waves, where he served as interim Head Coach when he came home in the summers of college, and eventually moved to Denver to coach for the Colorado STARS. Coach Cade has been refining his coaching skills working with a wide range of ages and a much larger pool of swimmers. Cade’s past swim coaches have influenced him in their own unique ways, inspiring him to pass along his knowledge and passion for swimming. Coach Cade believes dedication, determination, and the desire to find comfort in being uncomfortable are the keys to success in and out of the water.

Top Instruction. Peak Activity.

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