Adult/Teen Lessons

Pikes Peak Athletics offers lessons to adults and teens of all abilities. While private lessons are an option based on instructor availability, we also offer group lessons to get you in the water swimming as soon as possible alongside your peers.

We provide swimming instruction to adults and teens with a variety of desired outcomes:

  • Adults/Teens who are unable to swim who would like to learn this life skill.
  • Adults/Teens focused on improving their swimming technique for triathlon.
  • Adults/Teens looking to improve stroke efficiency for fitness goals.
  • Members of the military focused on improving their endurance for swimming tests.

We offer the following groups to meet these needs:

  • Beginner Adult (18+) and Beginner Teen (13-17yo): for swimmers who may have some anxiety in and around the water, have little to no swim ability, and need direct support in developing foundational swim skills.
  • Intermediate Adult (18+) and Intermediate Teen (13-17yo): for swimmers who have some swimming abilities but would like to refine/develop strokes.
  • Advanced Adult (18+): for adult athletes potentially interested in honing their skills to join a Masters or Triathlon program or for current athletes in these programs wanting to get direct instruction from a coach.

Please contact or (719) 400-7450 for more information or to schedule.

See you at the pool!


Adult /Teen Lessons | Monthly Auto Enrollment

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