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Colorado Springs Masters Invitational Swim Meet

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Pikes Peak Athletics Masters Team

The Pikes Peak Athletics Masters Group is a constituent of Colorado Masters Swimming that trains at the Pikes Peak Athletics Training Center in central Colorado Springs. In order to swim with this group you must be a registered US Masters or USA Swimming member.
We are proud to provide a coach on deck at all times to help with stroke technique, motivation and goals.  Our team is a great community of friends with swimmers of all ages and abilities.
Join us today for a great workout!



  • What is the price?
  • The cost of our program is $72.50 per month, which includes access to any masters swimming workout offered. US Masters registration separate.

  • How do you register for US Masters?
  • To register for US Masters, click below. Swimmers can be USA Swimming certified, but not USA Triathlon.

    Club is: Colorado Masters Swimming (CMS)

    Workout group is: Pikes Peak Masters Swimming

    US Masters Registration

  • Do you allow drop-ins?
  • Out of town guests can drop in for $15 per practice. Guests must be US Masters or USA Swimming certified.

  • Swim Team Roster
  • Our roster includes adults of all abilities ranging from pro triathletes, to adults learning to swim, to former Division I NCAA qualifiers. We have a friend for everyone!

  • What are the practice times?
  • The group provides early morning and middle-of-the-day training opportunities, view our schedule for specific days and times.

  • Is there a coach on deck?
  • Experienced, focused coaches are on deck working each masters practice.

  • How to register?
  • Registration must be completed online by clicking below.


  • Other Questions
  • Please email if you have any questions.

Top Instruction. Peak Activity.

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