Dive In Style: Choosing the Best Swimsuits and Goggles for Your Little Swimmers

As a parent, you understand the importance of ensuring your child is comfortable and safe during swimming lessons. One key element to consider is the right swimsuit and goggles combination. Finding the perfect balance between functionality, comfort, and style can make a significant difference in your child’s swimming experience. In this guide, we’ll explore the best swimsuits and goggles for your little swimmers, helping you make informed choices for their aquatic adventures.

Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit

Comfort is Key

For young ladies, look for swimsuits made from comfortable and stretchy materials like lycra/nylon or polyester blends. Avoid rough seams or tags that could cause irritation, ensuring your child can focus on their swimming skills without any distractions. For swimming lessons, we recommend swimsuits with straps that cross in the back, so they don’t slip from shoulders.

For young men, board shorts or jammers are often the most comfortable during swimming lessons. Be mindful of length so as not to inhibit leg movement. Also ensure the shorts fit snugly around the waist with an elastic waistband that ties to loosen/tighten as needed.

Warmth Consideration

If you’re concerned about your swimmer getting too cold during lessons, a thermal swimsuit can be a great option to keep them cozy in the water. When searching for these swimsuits, you will want to be sure the word “thermal” is included in the description/name. Avoid UVA protective shirts, these actually make your swimmer colder and are completely unnecessary in an indoor environment.

Easy to Put On and Take Off

Select swimsuits with convenient features like separate tops and bottoms or simple closures. This not only makes dressing and undressing a breeze but also encourages your child to develop independence in managing their swimwear, particularly during camps!

Fun Designs

While it might seem like the least important factor, choosing swimsuits in vibrant colors and fun patterns can make swimming lessons something your child really looks forward to! Whether they prefer playful prints or characters from their favorite cartoons, finding a suit that reflects their personality can boost their confidence in the water.

Selecting the Ideal Goggles

PPA Tip: TYR is our favorite brand for little swimmers!

Leak-Proof Seal

Look for goggles with a comfortable yet secure seal around the eyes to prevent water from leaking in. Adjustable straps ensure a snug fit without causing discomfort, allowing your child to focus on their strokes without the distraction of water-filled goggles.

Anti-Fog Lenses

Opt for goggles with anti-fog coatings on the lenses to provide clear vision throughout the lesson. Foggy goggles can be frustrating and may hinder your child’s ability to see clearly underwater. This also leads to a lot of fussing with taking goggles on and off during their lesson.

Secure, Adjustable Straps

Goggle straps should be fully adjustable, but stay in-place once adjusted with over-under clasps. Split-strap goggles also stay in-place much better than single strap goggles. The right fit should stay in place on your child’s face and head throughout a swimming lesson without the need to take goggles off and on.

Child-Friendly Design

Choose goggles specifically designed for children, with features like easy-adjust straps and colorful designs. This ensures a comfortable fit and encourages your child to embrace the idea of wearing goggles for better visibility in the water. Avoid goggles with the cute characters attached around the lenses – these disrupt the fit and seal of the goggle.

Investing in the right swimsuit and goggles for your child’s swimming lessons not only enhances their comfort and safety but also adds an element of fun to the experience. By considering factors such as comfort, sun protection, ease of use, and child-friendly design, you can ensure that your little swimmers are well-equipped for their aquatic adventures. So, dive in with style, and watch as your child gains confidence and skill in the water!

Jaecie Montgomery | Program Operations Manager

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