Swim Team FAQs

  • How can I find out more?
  • We are always happy to answer questions about Pikes Peak Athletics.  Please email us swimteam@pikespeakathletics.com, call (719) 400-7450 or enter your contact information below and we will be in touch shortly.

  • Interested in joining PPA Swim Team?
  • Please email swimteam@pikespeakathletics.com or call (719) 400-7450 to see what the next steps would be for your swimmer!

  • What group should I register my swimmer for?
  • The best way to determine the appropriate group for your swimmer is to come in for a 15 minute evaluation and meet a coach. Once your swimmer has been placed in a group, they can do a complimentary one week trial. To arrange a complimentary swim team trial, please email swimteam@pikespeakathletics.com or call (719) 400-7450.

  • How much are dues and are there other commitments to the team?
  • Our philosophy has always been to offer Teaching that Works, Craftsmanship with Care and Dedication to Relationships for one monthly fee. Please see our groupings cost page for group monthly dues. PPA does not require any further financial or volunteer commitment.

  • How much is USA Swimming Registration?
  • USA Swimming Registration is approximately $80 per year for a year round registration. Seasonal registration is approximately $37 per season/per swimmer. Parents/Swimmers will handle registering with USA Swimming with a unique registration link that will be provided once the swimmer has registered with PPA.

  • I would like my child to swim during the summer only: Flying Horse and CCoC Summer Teams
  • Summer League is a great way to meet new friends, refine your strokes, gain endurance in the water and see what being on a swim team is all about. Pikes Peak Athletics offers summer club teams at The Club at Flying Horse and The Country Club of Colorado.

  • Where can I purchase PPA gear/apparel?
  • Pikes Peak Athletics has an online store for your convenience. You may order through Out of Breath Sports at the following link: https://outofbreathsports.tuosystems.com/stores/ppa23

  • What is the difference between Seasonal vs. Year Round registration?
  • Seasonal swimmers may only May-August with their summer club team if they would like to race in the Colorado seasonal state meet. If a swimmer does not want to race at the seasonal state meet they may swim year-round with PPA and in the summer with the summer club team.

  • We are from out of town, can my swimmer drop in to swim with your team while we are here?
  • Of course, we would love to have you. Swimmers must be current USA Swimming members. To arrange a drop in swim with one of our groups, please email swimteam@pikespeakathletics.com.

  • High School Swimmers
  • High school aged athletes who are preparing for the high school season or may want to swim with a club team during season are welcome with Pikes Peak Athletics. These athletes may be asked to attend meets during high school season depending on their goals. Swimmers will practice with either Group 3, 4 or 5. These athletes should purchase a pull buoy, paddles, snorkel, short and long training fins and a mesh bag to hold their equipment.

    Price: same monthly fees as the group the athlete will be training with. Charging can be suspended until athlete returns from high school but may not compete in meets when their account is suspended. There is a re-joining fee of $50.

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