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Pikes Peak Athletics is currently welcoming new members to all groups!  Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran we have a group for you.

Pikes Peak Athletics has no mandatory fundraising or volunteering requirements. The team parents are asked to time at meets that PPA hosts and attends.

Registration Fee $175

New Athletes to Pikes Peak Athletics:

  • When registered, swimmers new to Pikes Peak Athletics will be assessed a registration fee of $175 which includes a team swim cap and branded apparel pack.
  • Pikes Peak Athletics offers an annual $25 military discount upon registration every August and 10% discount for multiple swimmers.
  • Any Base Campers moving to competitive team will receive discounted annual registration fee of $75

Current Pikes Peak Athletics Swimmers:

  • Swimmers are required to re-register every August to update information. Swimmers who do not re-register by September 15 will be assessed a $50 re-registration fee.

Once registered, athletes may elect to suspend membership as long as the membership office is notified by the 15th of the month prior to suspending and withdrawal form is submitted by this date.

  • Any current swimmer who withdraws will incur a $50 re-registration fee

USA Swimming

In additional to monthly dues, all athletes must be registered with USA Swimming annually whether participating in meet or not. USA swimming requires parents to register their swimmers and a link will be emailed to each family upon registration with the team.

Please reach out to with any questions.

Swim Meets

A swim meet fee is assessed per swimmer when participating in swim meets depending on location.

  • In-city Meet | $12.50
  • In-state Meet | $17.50 
  • Out-of-state Meet | Calculated Based on Meet
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    Base Camp is the best way to help your swimmer transition from swim lessons to our formalized swim team. One of the toughest transitions in swimming is making the leap from lessons to team; the Pikes Peak Athletics Base Camp bridges this gap by introducing proper swim team technique and etiquette while gradually building the endurance needed to be on a swim team. The goal of this class is to provide a positive learning environment for early swimmers who have an interest in swim team but aren’t sure if they are ready for the full commitment of a swim team or need additional help with their endurance and technique.

    • All pre-team classes will be held at Pikes Peak Athletics Training Center.
    • Classes will be offered in the evenings.
    • Participants have the option of attending one to five times per week (price per day).
    • Classes follow rolling sessions. Once enrolled in a class, swimmer’s spot will be guaranteed (pre-enrolled) into the coming months until swimmer moves up in level, wants to move time, or wants to withdraw from class.
    • Swimmers who have not graduated from the Pikes Peak Athletics lesson program must undertake a formal evaluation by Pikes Peak Athletics staff in order to be placed into the Base Camp program.


    • Must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.
    • Must be able to complete 12 yards of butterfly and breaststroke.
    • Must be able to dive from a standing position.
    • Must consistently push off the wall using positions 1-2-3.

    Group Philosophy: “Let’s give this a try. Swimming is fun!”

    $96/4 practices

  • GROUP 1
  • Our introductory swim team group: the focus for Group 1 is on learning the fundamentals of the sport and having fun in the water! In this group, swimmers are introduced to the very basics of training, including circle swimming, use of the pace clock, body-position kicking and kicking with a board, stroke drills, sprinting, and swimming at a steady pace for longer periods. These swimmers are required to have graduated our pre-competition group, Base Camp, or must be able to swim all four strokes, turns, a front dive, and a basic backstroke start. Typically, Group 1 swimmers are very young or brand-new to the sport. Group 1 participants are recommended to come to practice at least 3 times per week. Group 1 swimmers are not offered strength and conditioning workouts. These swimmers are not required to attend competitive meets, although it is suggested they compete several times per season, depending on individual readiness.

    Requirements: Swimmers must be able to complete 25 yards of each of the four competitive swimming strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, and starts and turns.

    Group Philosophy: “Swimming is fun!”


  • GROUP 2
  • Group 2 is intended for younger swimmers who have a stronger grasp of the four strokes than Group 1 yet are still in need of gaining valuable training and racing experience. Kicking, stroke skills, and building stamina are the hallmarks of Group 2. This group is an important step in the development of the young swimmer. Here the swimmers not only focus on fundamentals, but learn to use the clock regularly, are taught lane etiquette, and begin to learn racing skills and strategies. All Group 2 athletes should have training fins. These swimmers are invited to attend practice 3-5 times per week, including strength & conditioning workouts, and attend meets monthly.

    Group Philosophy: “Learn to swim competitively, and have fun doing it!”


  • GROUP 3
  • This group is comprised of swimmers within a broad range of age and ability, spanning experienced younger swimmers, as well as older swimmers that are new to training. The younger swimmers in this group have spent time acquiring the fundamental skills and strategies of swimming. The older swimmers in this group may be less experienced but are now learning to put their skills to use in more rigorous training. Group 3 swimmers learn to balance discipline and fun while engraining the tough-to-learn nuances of swimming technique and strategy. Swimmers are expected to attend practice between 3 and 6 times per week, including strength & conditioning workouts, and attend meets monthly, or periodically depending on readiness. G3 swimmers should have training fins and a mesh bag to hold equipment.

    Team gear may be found in our retail store at the training center or more options online here.

    Group Philosophy: “Develop the love of training and racing!”


  • GROUP 4
  • This group is primarily for junior-high-aged and high-school aged swimmers whose goals are to attend practice 5-6 times per week, including strength & conditioning workouts, and attend meets monthly. The younger swimmers in this group are more experienced in competitive swimming for their age and aspire to qualify for and final in the State Championship Meet. For this group, consistent practice attendance is critical in building strength, enhancing skills, refining technique, and developing training and racing strategies. Group 4 swimmers are generally in 7th grade or older. All Group 4 athletes should purchase a pull buoy, training fins, paddles, a tempo trainer, snorkel, and a mesh bag to hold their equipment.

    Team gear may be found in our retail store at the training center or more options online here.

    Group Philosophy: “Build a strong technical and aerobic foundation and learn to train hard.”


  • GROUP 5
  • Group 5 swimmers are expected to come to every practice offered, which amounts to 8 or 9 workouts per week, including all strength and conditioning sessions. These athletes have made swimming their first priority and strive to qualify for Sectionals or a higher level of competition. Swimmers in this group must be in 9th grade or older. Those who do not attend practice regularly in this group risk injury and stagnation. All athletes in this group should purchase a pull buoy, paddles, snorkel, training fins, a tempo trainer, and a mesh bag to hold their equipment.

    Team gear may be found in our retail store at the training center or more options online here.

    Group Philosophy: “Train hard every day.”


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