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Your premier provider of small group and private swimming lessons in Fountain and South Colorado Springs!


Group Lesson Rate: $95/monthly session
4:1 swimmer to instructor ratio | 1, 30-minute lesson/week

Mini Group Lesson Rate: $160/monthly session
2:1 swimmer to instructor ratio | 1, 30-minute lesson/week

*In the interest of safety, we only offer PLittle and Little Pikes 1 classes as Mini Group Lessons at Fountain Valley School.

Find full details about ongoing Group + Mini Group Lessons here.


Little Pikes Swim Camp: available during Spring, Summer, Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks
Week-long half-day camps designed to immerse swimmers in stroke and water safety instruction while having a whole lot of fun!

Summer Camp Early Bird pricing through 4/30: $340/week
As of 5/1: $390/week

Find full details about Little Pikes Swim Camp here.

Summer Private Lesson Series: $215/4-day series
1:1 swimmer to instructor ratio | 1, 30-minute lesson/week
through August 2, 2024

Find full details about Private Lesson Series here.

Helpful Resources:
Pikes Peak Athletics Level Guide
Withdraw + Make-up Standards
Private Lesson Series Make-Up Standard

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Private Lessons

Having issues registering? Visit our FAQS or call (719) 400-7450.

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