5 Tips for your First Swim Meet

Come Prepared

Every swimmer needs the proper gear to compete and bring two of everything! You never know when something might rip or tear. That includes two pairs of goggles (have them adjusted already to fit), two of your team caps, two suits and two towels. Check with your coach a few days before to see what type of swim suit you should bring. Beyond the “essentials”; extra sweatpants, sweatshirt (team apparel!), and/or team parka to wear when you’re wet. Don’t forget an additional pair of shoes (sneakers are preferred) to keep you warm between races.

Bring Snacks

Fueling your body is critical to performing well. It’s crucial to stay energized with healthy snacks and an ample supply of water to fuel your performance throughout the day. Eat regularly leading up to the competition, maybe a few extra carbs the night before. The day of, you will want water and some type of sports drink to help you stay hydrated as well as snacks for between races. Honey, yogurt, granola or protein bars, pretzels, and fruit are excellent options. Always bring more than you think you need and eat no earlier than 30 minutes before your race.

Arrive Early

Warm-up and meet start times are typically communicated in a pre-meet email the week of the meet. It’s advisable to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the warm-up begins. This gives you time to find a spot with your team, put on your swimsuit, and get ready behind your assigned lane for warm-ups.

Know Your Events

Check Team Unify the night before or on the morning of the meet to confirm which events you’ll be competing in at the meet. When you receive the heat sheets, make sure to locate your heat and lane numbers for all the events scheduled for the day.
Hint: download the OnDeck App to check events quickly the morning of and the Meet Mobile App to see results in real time.

Check-In with Your Coach

Before stepping behind the starting blocks for your race, take a moment to connect with your coach. Your coach can provide you with final words of encouragement and race strategy. After your race, make sure to follow up with your coach before catching up with friends or heading to the stands to see your parents.

Coach Cade Bains | Head Age Group Coach

Joselyn Auxer | Swim Team Business Manager

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