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About Us

Teaching that Works

Our programs are designed and implemented using cutting edge methods and a philosophy that focus on long term athlete development.  This larger-view approach allows for methodical progressions, yielding long lasting results.  Structured sessions designed around technical fundamentals are a hallmark of our program.  The Pikes Peak Athletics staff is trained to tailor instruction to the needs of each person. Our methods are holistic, and encourage lifelong fitness and love of movement.  

Craftsmanship with Care

We believe that quality of product and experience is greatly enhanced by refined craftsmanship. As practitioners, we love what we do and pour ourselves into it personally and professionally. The Pikes Peak Athletics Staff is constantly advancing their skills, fostering an environment of continuous improvement.  Methods acquired through real life experience, administered via proven leadership tactics, cultivate a culture of mastery.  Though rooted in fundamentals, our staff is encouraged to take the time to hone their personal art of instruction.   

Dedication to Relationships

At Pikes Peak Athletics, we are not just about swimming and fitness.  Our approach encompasses lifestyle and performance modalities such as nutrition, recovery, positivism, family inclusion and well-rounded athleticism.  Bridging the gap between performance and passion, we believe that each person has a story, and knowing that personal story empowers us to deliver optimal service.  Developing relationships is important to us, as we share the goal of excellence with our constituents.