Top Instruction. Peak Activity.
  • Whole person fitness

    Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region is ideal for outdoor training for the swim team.

    Whole person fitness
  • Leadership steeped in craft

    Learn to Swim program manager Bridgette Schram, training swim lesson instructors.

    Leadership steeped in craft
  • Coaching that works

    Outdoor Master's swim team practice.

    Coaching that works
  • Whole person health

    We are passionate about the outdoors and our swim teams participate in many outdoor activities.

    Whole person health
  • Teaching that works

    Swim Lessons are low student to instructor ratio.

    Teaching that works

How We Are Different swimmer

Pikes Peak Athletics provides Colorado Springs, Colorado families with active orientated programming designed to embrace our core values. Our current programs include swim lessons for all ages, an age group USA Swimming club - competitive swim team for ages 6-18, a summer swim team at The Club at Flying Horse, a masters swim team for adults and swimming camps/clinics. 


Core Values (read more:

* Teaching that Works

* Craftmanship with Care

* Dedication to Relationships                                                                                       

Contact Information:                                                                                                                 Swim Lessons- 719.629.8322   Swimming Teams- 719.963.0634



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